Monday, December 20, 2010

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl. R+L Carriers is the Title Sponsor of this bowl game in New Orleans. Great city to host a bowl game and will again host two games with the BCS Sugar Bowl being the "real" game. R+L Carriers is a Global Transportation Service Provider..think UPS on a commercial level.....I think?
I watched a few minutes of this game and there were more empty seats then actual people in the stadium. Game was broadcasted on ESPN so R+L had commercial spots during the game and on-field signage. And of course with all bowl sponsorships there is charity part of the sponsorship that is a feel good for the sponsor and community. Below is from the R+L website explaining what they do:

R+L Carriers is a Global Transportation Service provider designed to provide superior service at competitive pricing through safe and efficient operations and innovative thinking to the ultimate benefit of our customers and shareholders. Customer satisfaction is mandatory to ensure future success.

Official Partners Link: Not separately listed, but on bottom of website

Results: Again not sure R+L Carriers are reaching target market with this Bowl Sponsorship. But they do get there name out there in hopes of gaining brand recognition. I would imagine the lack of interest as evidence from the lack of attendance this bowl game maybe on it's way out and not sure anyone would notice.

Sponsorship Grade: D

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