Friday, March 30, 2007

Ask them to come back!

Clients ask me all the time "we have a great product and great service why are we having trouble retaining clients"? My first question is ....did you ask them to come back? Sounds simple doesn't it? But most establishments are so worried about getting the next client they forget the ones they have. Retention starts from the inside and not with mass media.
I also have clients who want to offer speacial packages through mass media targeting new clients and not rewarding there existing client base...bad move; sure you are always needing to add additional clients to the pipeline but you always need to make the ones you have feel special for being so. Thats were In -side-Out Marketing starts...maybe it's a bounce back card with a discount, maybe its a % off next time you vist or a free appitizer, but to let a client walk out on the belief they will return because of the experience is brand killing at its best.

In the next couple of weeks I will be talking about "In-side-out Marketing" as it pertains to training staff and clients and brand building using "Hands on the Street" and other topics. If you have any questions or opinions please feel free to post.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What Brand are you in?

As I travel around from airport to airport you meet and see lots of interesting people. But what does an airport tell you? It should give you the feel of the brand; the city. But most fall way short of that, some are right on the brand building train and some are stumbling on it without trying. Newark falls into it just with being busy, the buzz is all over the place just like the city of NY. Austin has a local feel, live music and food that is Austin. ln Vegas the slot machines and baggage area tell you all you need to know about Sin City. But next time you fly into Baltimore, Atlanta, Buffalo close your eyes and ask yourself what brand is being represented? It will be hard...

The same principals apply to a retail business, close your eyes next time you are in a Mc Donalds or any other retail establishment and just listen to the buzz and employees..can you tell what brand you are about to eat or drink?

What are the walls telling you?

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

If 4 walls could talk....

Four walls can talk...did you here that? What is your business telling you? Have you listened lately. When was the last time you stood in a Starbucks and really listened to what was being said? Of course the buzz is always there, but what are the walls telling you.

In my blog I will talk about "the walls" also "hands on the street marketing" and WOMM...(word of mouth marketing). After spending years banging my head against the traditional advertising and marketing world...I came over to this way of thinking after working in a franchise system, with one of the most recognizable brands in the world and finally in the sports business. And it always comes back to one thing..if these four walls could talk...

Off we go.....