Wednesday, January 23, 2008


"We are going to be like ducks; Cool and Calm above water, and paddling like hell below."

-Mark Messier New York Rangers Captain on game 7 of the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Tylenol; one of the worlds most recognizable brands has a fantastic program in which they sponsor X-Games sports such as skate-boarding. They know that the participants are highly sociable, very connected talkers. And these young adults seriously need a pain reliever such as Tylenol. These talkers are also very resistant to advertising and would probably turn against marketers who blatantly try to sell them. So Tylenol does something very clever; It pays to support the event, but it does not have signage or logos put on anything. It just provides free painkillers and lets the word spread naturally. The brand knows that it has found the right group of talkers...and those talkers know who's providing the money and the gratitude spreads through word of mouth.

Just another way to maximize your brands sponsorship dollars using WOMM.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Disney getting "Outside the Box" with WOMM

Do you think the CMO..Chief Marketing Officer of Disney woke up on Monday and saw this ad and freaked out!!

What a great WOMM idea from a company that has always been "Inside the Box" Welcome to the world of Word of Mouth Marketing Disney..its good to have you!

Do you want to help spread magic to others during The Year of a Million Dreams? is searching for the first ever Disney Chief Magic Official (CMO). Four (4) to eight (8) times during the one year period beginning May 1, 2008, the CMO will help create magic for guests and participate in special events at Disney Parks.
Between now and January 27th, you can apply for a chance to become the Disney CMO.
With your application, you will need to submit a video of yourself telling us why you are perfect for the Disney CMO position. So, grab your video camera and film your 60 second audition video today!
The Top 10 videos will be posted online, and visitors to the site will be able to vote for their favorites. The 3 applicants who submitted the videos that receive the most votes will audition in person at the Walt Disney World® Resort before the final winner is voted on, and then the creation of magic can begin! Please read the CMO Contest Rules and CMO Job Description to make sure you qualify.
Apply to be the Disney CMO now!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Casting Call for Shear Genius 2 on Bravo in DALLAS

A PSA for all of my Salon friends. Open Casting call on Jan 20th in DALLAS info below. Hey you could win $100,000 and be on a hit TV show! Good Luck!


From the Emmy-Winning Producers of


Bravo is once again giving a group of talented hair stylists the opportunity to show America their talent and creativity! Do you think you have what it takes to become a star of the hair styling world and compete to become the next

We are looking for licensed stylists (both US and International Licenses will be accepted). You do not need years of experience but you do need to be creative, highly skilled, and ready to compete for $100,000!!

To schedule an interview and to find out more information about becoming the next top hair stylist, please email us a photo, contact information and why you are Shear Genius to

Please go to
to find out more information!

Sunday, January 20th, 2008
10:00am - 4:00pm

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Need a Starbucks Break..Visit IT'S A GRIND

What a cool place. A really nice break from the non-relaxing Starbucks. Nice and relaxing..a fire going and Free Wireless Internet! Great Jazz music and comfy high back chairs. Really nice to be able to go in a coffee shop and not feel overwhelmed and intimidated. Starbucks may have started it all and I am a huge fan of there Corporate office in Seattle..but it looks like It's A Grind has brought it to the next level. As you notice I don't believe its about the's all about the experience and It's A Grind gets the experience.

My neighborhood It's A Grind is listed below..stop in and say hello I will be there working next to the fireplace!

Cedar Park - Now Brewing700 E. Whitestone Blvd. Cedar Park, TX 78613(512) 259-2220

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Rules of the E-mail Campaign game

So you want to do an email-marketing campaign...or a are the "Rules of the Game" follow these easy steps and you will have a successful campaign. I guarantee it!!

Answer "what is in it for me"
-The e-mail should not be just be news or information, it has to be something the client can use...make an offer they cant refuse.

Get Permission
-People do not want unrequested interruptions in there lives...only emails those people who want to receive your message/offers.

Champion Yourself
-Share on employees, community involvement,photos and other goings on inside your business. This will localize your business to your community.

Be consistent... but not pushy
-You do not want to get inside the minds of your clients and then just drop off for a few months and then expect to get back to the top of mind.

Ask for Feedback
-Give them a means to be able to reply to the message. And make sure to answer there feedback ..good or bad.

Track the Results
-Look at the open rate. Look at the sales of a new product after the offer has gone out. Track the redemption time frame. Track everything that has to do with the email. The more conclusions you can draw the better you will be able to improve the email.

The rule of 3
-A client who has visited your location at least 3 times is over 90% more likely to continue the relationship. Entice your clients to come in not once..not twice but three times and you will increase your odds on retaining that client.