Friday, August 26, 2011

Like us on facebook or else...Really?

Not sure this is the best way to go about gaining 'Fans' on facebook.
Lids is a hat and apparel retailer who is looking to increase their following on facebook. If they don't reach 20,000 followers they are going to shut down the facebook page.....why exactly would they do this? So what you are telling your followers previous to the attempt of secure 20,000 followers is you don't really care about them; right?

Companies really need to understand its not about the number of 'Likes' it's what you do with the ones you have. And if Lids falls two short of reaching 20,000 by the deadline are they really going to shutout 19,998 people from viewing their products?

Good try Lids but you may want to rethink this idea in a hurry...Sept 1 is right around the corner.

Calling all LIDS fans! We need your help to reach 200,000 fans on Facebook by September 1, or the LIDS Facebook page will be taken down! That's right! No more special offers! No more sneak peeks! No more giveaways! All you have to do is become a fan of LIDS and invite as many of your friends as possible to do the same! Let's make this happen! Join the LIDS family by clicking 'LIKE' now!

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Anonymous said...

Robert, They didnt meet their goal. I called them out on their facebook page and my post was quickly deleted!