Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Your People..Your Brand

Ask your people. Would you like to find out what your customers think about your brand? Like to find out what your people think of your brand? Most executives are afraid to ask there people for fear they may tell them something they do not want to hear..that's a brand killer!

Your people are your brand and if you are in the service industry and 99% of us are...your people are the face of your brand and are the most important asset a brand has.

Here are some questions you need to ask your people...

-What do you think about our brand/products/service
-Make sure your people understand you are asking them as partners and that they should always feel they can speak their mind.

-What are the clients saying about our brand/product/service

-How many new people a day are coming in

-Have there been any unhappy clients..please go into detail on how problem was solved

As with any question/suggestion you need to make sure you have follow-up and a action plan. You have to show your people their in-put counts. Ask them to come up with a solution or a new program. And give them incentive to do so (money talks) Give them power and they will go the extra them their ideas are important and they will go the extra two miles..and show them you care they will go for miles and miles.


Andrea Schulle said...

Timely post, Robert, as I had a negative experience at a local jumping place today that was quickly turned around by a kind gesture from the manager. He took the time to listen to my concerns (complaints) and tried to find a way to make things work for me so that we would leave happy. That will go a long way in my book!

Robert Hale said...

That is so good to hear...not that you had a bad experience but that the manager did not let you leave with out attempting to make you happy. But what I am more upset about is that you did not invite me to the bouncy place:)